20-Minute Speed Cleaning Checklist For Busy Moms [Free Printable]

20 minute speed cleaning checklist for busy moms with cleaning supplies

Are you ready to speed clean like a pro? 

20 minute speed cleaning checklist on iPad sitting on desk

The FREE 20-minute speed cleaning checklist will walk you through exactly what to clean!

When you’re short on time and skipped your daily cleaning checklist, this 20-minute speed cleaning checklist will get your house looking presentable in time for your guests to arrive. These house cleaning tips will give you a quick and simple cleaning strategy.

20 minute speed cleaning checklist for busy moms with cleaning supplies

Since becoming a stay at home mom, the amount of pop up visits I get from family and friends has skyrocketed because they know I’m home most of the day. These phone calls go something like this, “Hey, are you home? I was gonna stop by.” Mind you, when I answer the phone I can tell they’re already in the car. 

It’s for these times when this down and (no longer) dirty speed cleaning checklist becomes handy. I typically have about 20 minutes to straighten up before they arrive. 

During these 20 minutes, my 12 month old daughter is watching Blue’s Clues and I’m running around the house like a lunatic wiping things and putting stuff away. This is one of the few times I don’t need help finding the motivation to clean.

I’ve realized that a speed clean is not a true cleaning session. This is also not the time to declutter and debate if you want to keep that shirt you found under the couch. 

This 20-minute cleaning strategy requires you to work fast and furious with as little distractions as possible. 

Here are the materials needed for a fast as lightning speed cleaning session.

The only areas I focus on during a 20 minute speed cleaning session are the kitchen, living room, and guest bathroom. If they’re going back in any bedrooms or using my master bathroom then we’re pretty close and they probably already know how my house looks when it’s not clean. 

So, grab your timer and clean for the designated time allotted for each room. Once the timer stops, you stop and move on to the next area even if you haven’t finished all the tasks for that room.

Kitchen (10 minutes)

Things to do:

    • Put dishes in dishwasher
    • Wipe countertops
    • Sweep 
    • Spot mop

The most obvious clutter people will see when they walk in your kitchen is the dishes in the sink and your countertops covered in random stickiness. Therefore, we’ll tackle these messes first. And also because the kitchen is usually one of the dirtiest rooms because it’s frequently used.  

As part of my daily cleaning routine, I empty the dishwasher every morning. If it was a busy morning and I haven’t emptied it yet, I will do it now and reload it with the dirty dishes. 

This is a task that needs to be done anyway so even if it takes longer than expected, I’ll go ahead and do it correctly so I don’t have to go back and re-do it later (which is a waste of my precious time).

Bathroom (5 minutes)

Things to do:

    • Clean toilet
    • Wipe sink and faucet
    • Clean countertops
    • Wipe mirror

The next area that can get pretty gross (especially if you have boys peeing on everything) is the bathroom. If you have more than one guest bathroom, clean the one that gets used the most first.  

If you notice spots of yellow on the floor around the toilet, grab your Swiffer and spot mop those areas as well.

Living room (5 minutes)

Things to do:

    • Pick up clutter (put it where it goes)
    • Straighten throw pillows
    • Fold blankets
    • Clean tops of tables 
    • Sweep/vacuum

I’ve seen a few speed cleaning routines that throw everything in a basket and you hide the basket. While that’s definitely a fast way to get things done, I prefer to put everything where it belongs as I’m cleaning. 

Sometimes my company will arrive while I’m still cleaning the living room and that’s fine. Since they’ll be sitting in the living room talking to me they don’t mind if I’m folding a blanket or wiping off a tabletop.

Quick speed cleaning tips

Speed cleaning should not be used in place of your regular cleaning routine. This is something that should be used sparingly on those busy days when something unexpected pops up and you need a tidy house fast

The best way to avoid speed cleaning is by adopting a daily cleaning schedule you can stick to. This will help you stay ahead on the laundry and all of the other cleaning. 

When I’m done cleaning I also open a window or two to get some fresh air flowing while my diffuser is going. During the winter I may slightly open a window, but I mainly use my diffuser with some essential oils

If you notice you always seem to be stressed about your house constantly being messy or you feel more like a maid than a wife and mother, it may be time to start getting rid of the clutter (not your kids and husband).

Famous last words…

This 20-minute speed cleaning checklist is a great option for when you’re short on time and expecting company. It’s not to be used as a replacement for your regular cleaning routine

Only clean for the allotted time and move on whether you’ve finished all the tasks or not. This will keep you on schedule so you’ll be done before they arrive. 

Consider decluttering or adopting a realistic daily cleaning schedule so you can avoid frequent speed cleaning sessions.

Are you ready to speed clean like a pro? 

20 minute speed cleaning checklist on iPad sitting on desk

The FREE 20-minute speed cleaning checklist will walk you through exactly what to clean!

how to speed clean in 20 minutes since you're a busy mom with messy kids

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