How to Reset Yourself When You’re Unmotivated

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It’s time to reset yourself whenever you feel stuck, unmotivated, overwhelmed, burnt out, and you need a break! These 9 strategies will help!

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Have you ever had those moments where you feel like everything is sooo overwhelming? 

It happened to me around the middle of December. 

I was scrolling through Facebook and I was getting bombarded with ads and seeing a bunch of posts from people I don’t even know. And then I saw posts from people in groups that I didn’t even know I was still in. 

It was all too much!

And then I received an email. Same thing there.

I was getting so many emails from businesses and peoples whose list I had signed up for and had no recollection of even signing up for their email list. 

And that made me feel like I needed to do some type of cleanse. 

So I hit the reset button. 

I’m going to share with you 9 ways that I hit reset and started over to give myself a clean plate (and how you can too!). But first, let’s discuss what it means to reset yourself. 

What is a life reset?

A life reset is when you allow yourself to start over and start fresh. If you’ve ever felt like… 

  • You’re stuck
  • You’re spinning your wheels 
  • You don’t know what to do 
  • You don’t know what’s going on

Then it may be time for you to take a step back from everything and hit reset. 

Why would you need to reset yourself?

Hitting a reset button on your life is so important because we’ve all been in a rut. Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt…

  • Stuck
  • Unmotivated
  • Stressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Tired all of the time

We’re in this constant cycle of life that gets to be too much at times. And it’s completely normal, it happens to everyone. So it’s not like you’re the odd mom out or anything. 

But hitting the reset button is so important to get your life back on track so you can accomplish your goals and get to where you’re trying to go in life without feeling so overwhelmed and burnt out all the time. 

So let’s talk about 9 ways that you can hit the reset button on your life and start fresh. 

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1. Declutter

The first way I like to hit the reset button is by decluttering. What I like to do is declutter my home and my digital life. 

Delete apps

One of the first things I like to cleanse myself of is deleting apps off of my phone. I don’t know if you’ve ever downloaded apps because you think you’ll need them for this or that and then you end up never using them. 

Now you have all of these apps on your phone taking up space and you have like four pages of apps on your iPhone. What I like to do is go through and delete those apps that I haven’t used in forever, or I’ll sort them into folders on my phone. 

A few folders I have are…

  • A health folder that includes the Lifesum app which helps me track calories, the Zero app for intermittent fasting, and a few other apps related to health. 
  • An organization folder, which includes Asana, Trello, Evernote, and Dropbox. 
  • A Google folder that includes Google Analytics, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sheets and other tools by Google that I use to run my business.

I like to split things into certain folders or categories in my phone so I don’t have endless pages of apps. Instead, I have them all localized in one area so I can easily find them. 

Unsubscribe from emails

The next thing I declutter is my email inbox. I unsubscribe from all of those emails that I’m sure I signed up for, but I have no idea why I signed up for them or when I signed up. 

So I’ll go through my inbox and if I don’t recognize that person’s name, I’ll go ahead and unsubscribe from their email list. 

Sometimes I’ll click on that email and if it doesn’t seem valuable or pertinent to me anymore, then I’ll go ahead and unsubscribe because chances are I probably haven’t even looked at any of the rest of their emails and that’s why their name doesn’t ring a bell to me. 

I was also receiving a lot of promotional emails from stores I no longer shop at regularly that were filling up my email inbox. So I decided to unsubscribe from those as well. 

Go through your emails and click unsubscribe, unapologetically.

Unsubscribe from those emails you haven’t read in forever. And if you’re not using their promotional codes, go ahead and unsubscribe because chances are you’re not going to use them in the near future either. 

And if you realize you do want to receive their promotions you can always sign up again.

Delete Facebook friends

The third way I like to declutter my digital life is by deleting toxic Facebook friends. You know those people who are always in some type of drama or those people who irritate you because they’re constantly posting about their food or complaining about EVERYTHING. 

I’ll go through and delete those people off of my friends list because I don’t want to be bombarded with stuff I don’t care about. 

If you’re not interested in seeing their posts, you can either unfriend them or you can unfollow them. 

Unfriending them means you won’t see any of their posts and they’ll probably realize at some point that you’re no longer friends on Facebook.

If you don’t want to unfriend them because you feel like that’s mean, then unfollow them. You won’t see their posts popping up on your timeline when you scroll down your home feed but you’ll still be friends.

Unfollow people on Instagram

The next thing I do is unfollow people on Instagram. I really don’t use my Instagram a whole lot so this one was pretty easy to do. 

Whenever I see people posting pictures that are highly edited and pretty unrealistic, I typically always unfollow them. Those pictures are too perfect and unrelatable for me so I don’t feel like we have anything in common. 

If you feel depressed or irritated when you get off of Instagram, I highly recommend you start unfollowing people. 

Delete Facebook groups

The last thing I do to declutter my digital life is to delete Facebook groups. I was in over 100 Facebook groups and I had no idea that I was in that many groups. 

So I went through each group and removed myself from those groups if I wasn’t interacting or if I felt like the information in the group wasn’t relevant. 

I started with close to 150 groups and by the time I finished I was in less than 20. 

But the thing is — if you remove yourself from the group, you can typically get back in again. 

Being a work from home mom, I’m in groups from courses that I’ve purchased so I’ll stay in those groups. But the free Facebook groups, I’ll usually leave those unless they’re providing a lot of value. 

I did leave and come back to 2 groups because they ended up being valuable and I didn’t realize it at the time. So don’t feel like once you leave the group that you can never get back in.

Go ahead and remove yourself from the group, take a moment to mentally regroupz, and then later on if you feel like it you can get back in the Facebook group. 

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2. Organize your space

The second way to reset yourself is to organize your space. Whenever you’re setting new habits, a lot of triggers come from our environment. 

About 50% of our daily routines are out of habit. So organizing your space or rearranging your space can affect your daily routines. 

Try to organize things around you like…

  • Labeling the spices 
  • Moving your desk from facing the wall to facing a window 
  • Organizing your makeup and makeup brushes

Doing simple things like that can play a big part in creating new habits. 

So try to get organized.

Move things around and create a new environment for yourself because that’ll trick your brain into thinking you’re in a new space. 

This way you’ll have fewer cues and triggers making you fall back into your old habits without even realizing.

3. New exercise routine 

Whenever you feel like you’re stuck or you’re unmotivated, try a new exercise routine. 

Side note: My exercise routine that I love to do is 21 Day Fix. 

A new exercise routine is a great way to get you motivated again. 

That’s why so many people get a new gym membership at the beginning of the year because they’re feeling super motivated. And that’s how they feel like they’re going to reset themselves by getting in shape and feeling better. 

Starting a new exercise routine is a great way to reset yourself for 2021 or anytime throughout the year when you’re feeling unmotivated or stuck. 

So go ahead and pick out a new exercise routine. The key is to stay consistent with it.

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4. Girl’s night 

I know a lot of us don’t really get out anymore since becoming a mom. We probably stay at home most of the time.

Get out and spend time with your friends even if it’s just going to dinner to catch up. Having that adult time away from your spouse and kids is a nice little break. 

And that’ll help you clear your mind. 

You can vent about things with your girlfriends that you can’t vent about with other people because they understand where you’re coming from. 

You can talk about things without feeling judged. 

So go vent… have a girls night.. have a great time… have a drink or two if that’s what you want to do. 

Get out and take a break from your family. 

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5. Take a vacation

Taking a vacation will get you out of your normal routine and out of your everyday mundane life. 

A lot of the time we feel stuck because we need a change of scenery and a vacation will do the trick. 

Schedule a vacation and get away from your home life. Take that little breather. Do something different. 

6. Change your appearance

A new hairstyle or trying a new beauty hack may boost your confidence and help you feel better about life. 

When you look good, you feel good. 

Consider changing your appearance in some type of way and you might notice a spike in motivation. 

In the mornings I’ll put on yoga pants and a cute top and that instantly gives me more energy to tackle the day. 

Even if I’m not going anywhere I still get dressed to feel better about myself.

If you don’t get dressed every day then try to make that a new habit. 

7. Create new goals

Another reason people are super excited about the beginning of a new year is because they’re creating new goals.

The vision of the future is bright which makes people feel more ambitious. 

Create new goals for yourself using the Living Well Planner. Use the Goal Crushing section to 

breakdown your goals so you’ll know what you need to do to accomplish them.

The Living Well Planner will help you break down your goals for each month. It also includes sections that’ll help you create more balance. 

These sections include…

  • Family and recreation 
  • Meal planning
  • Budgeting
  • Goal setting

This is great because we get busy and we don’t talk to our friends for a couple of weeks and we keep saying, “I need to call her” but a month later we still haven’t called.

So I really like that section in the planner because it helps me not stay in my office and work all day. I’m able to focus on what I need to get done for work and still make time to be present with my family. 

By using the Living Well Planner you’re not just focusing all of your time and attention on one area of your life. It helps you focus and spread out that time and attention into everything. 

So you’ll know exactly what you need to get done, but if you do it, that’s up to you. 

But at least with this planner you’ll have a clear vision of what action steps will move you closer to accomplishing your goals. 

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8. Self-care Routine 

Do you have a self-care routine? If not, that’s fine. You’re definitely not alone but that’s something you should try to strive for this year. 

Whenever you don’t feel good about yourself, that negative energy sometimes trickles down into affecting everyone around you because when you don’t feel good about yourself, you’re not very happy. 

You might find yourself yelling at your kids or your spouse and then you feel bad about it because you were frustrated. 

And that happens because you don’t get enough (or any) alone time to take care of yourself. 

Creating a self care routine should be a top priority because that not only affects you, but it affects everyone around you. 

So making time for yourself is super, super important. And it should be a high priority for you. 

Let’s be clear that self-care is sooo much more than just sitting in a bathtub. Bathing is a basic human need and shouldn’t be viewed as “pampering” yourself. 

But on the other hand, I prefer taking a bath as a form of self-care. I’ll put on my face mask, I use my body scrub, music is playing, and I’m locked away for over an hour.

So that’s my self-care time. It’s undisturbed time alone where I’m doing activities that recharge my battery. 

Doing something simple for yourself can help you fill your cup. You’ll be much happier and everyone in your family will feel that happiness, and positive energy. 

You may be surprised how taking care of yourself can affect the people around you. 

So try to implement a new self care routine this year, or anytime when you’re feeling stuck. 

9. Improve your mindset 

Managing your thoughts is HUGE. You create your reality.

There can be two people in the exact same situation and they could have two totally different views of what just happened. 

For instance, 2 moms could both have a crying toddler. Mom A could say, “I’ve fed her, she’s been playing outside, she’s probably just ready for a nap.” 

Meanwhile, under the same circumstances, Mom B could say, “Oh my gosh, I’m a terrible mom. I have no idea what you want. Why am I even a mom?”

They both have fussy toddlers that are probably ready for a nap, which Mom A was able to notice because instead of feeling like a bad mom, she paid attention to the facts. 

And that’s why your thoughts are so important. 

Mom B was mentally spiraling and didn’t realize her child just needs a nap. And now she’s convinced herself that she’s a bad mom which will lower her confidence and she’ll constantly second guess the decisions she’s making for her child.

Managing how you think about things is crucial

When people say something is hard, of course it’s going to be hard if you think it’s hard because you’re going to make it hard. 

Don’t make things hard for yourself. 

Keeping the house clean doesn’t have to be hard. You can create a simple cleaning routine where you make time to speed clean part of your daily routine.

Every evening I straighten up the kitchen and the living room before we go to bed so that way in the morning, I can wake up and I can start cooking breakfast without dirty dishes in the sink or stuff all over the countertops. 

That’s something I do every single evening that helps me have a better day and start my morning off right. 

Improving your mindset and stepping into your power will take you a long way in life. 

So work on improving your mindset and looking at things in a different light trying to see the silver lining in every situation. 

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Quick recap…

Those are the 9 ways to reset yourself anytime throughout the year when you feel…

  • stuck
  • in a rut
  • bored with life
  • unmotivated

And you want to start fresh. Don’t forget to check out the Living Well Planner if you want to tackle multiple areas of your life like goal setting, finances, project management, and more.

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