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The Prepared moms action pack

Spend your pregnancy lying on the couch binge-watching Netflix without worrying about how to find a pediatrician or when to schedule your birthing class.

prepared moms action pack

Don't spend your Saturday night feeling like you've already failed at motherhood before your baby even arrives...

Imagine if you could...

create your registry

No more endless scrolling through Google and Pinterest trying to make sure you don't skip the crib bedding or a thermometer.

Choose a name

Keep track of the baby names you like (or dislike) so you can get personalized baby items that are ready before your baby arrives.

stop rushing

Chill on the couch with your fuzzy blanket and cookies knowing you're getting everything done in order so you're not rushing before your due date.

pack for the hospital

Know exactly what to put in your hospital bag, baby's hospital bag, and your partner's bag without packing like you're going on vacation.

No longer worry about getting pregnancy advice from someone who isn't even a mom...

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empowering tips every mom should know

Bonus #1: 35 Empowering Tips Every Mom Should Know (value $12)

Find out the best tips from 35 moms that’ll help you cope with mom guilt and enjoy motherhood. 

5 simple ways to have an easier labor

Bonus #2: 5 Insanely Simple Ways to Make Your Labor Easier (value $7)

Learn the 5 failproof ways to make your labor easier even if you’re terrified of contractions or giving birth. 

Bonus #3: Relaxing Pregnancy Roadmap (value $7)

Want to make your pregnancy more enjoyable? Get instant access to the complete list of all the pregnancy items that helped me breeze through my pregnancy.

What others are saying...

"When I was up with heartburn I would use that time to add to my baby registry and check things off as I go."
Liza P.
"I love having everything laid out in a step-by-step manner. It was easy to follow and very thorough so i knew i wasn’t forgetting anything."
Taliya C.
"The Prepared Moms Action Pack covers all the bases and helped me feel confident while preparing for my baby."
Sheree R.


The Prepared Moms Action Pack is for the mom who doesn’t want to spend her entire pregnancy searching the internet and hoping the random resources she finds are trustworthy. 

Let’s face it, just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it trustworthy.  

That’s why everything you read on my website or any products you invest in from me are based on my REAL experiences as a new mom and suggestions I would tell my best friend.

The short answer, no. As a new mom the Prepared Moms Action Pack is the GOLD standard blueprint for the Type A personality mom who loves having everything in order and ready to go before her baby arrives. 

Even if you’re not a new mom this will still help you prepare for your baby without spending the last 2 weeks rushing to Kon Mari the nursery or search Pinterest for freezer meals.

What’s so great about the Prepared Moms Action Pack is that you only focus on what you choose to focus on. 

If you’re only in your first trimester there’s no need for you to look ahead and get overwhelmed by what’s to come during the second and third trimester. 

And you don’t have to complete everything in the action pack to be prepared for your baby. Only complete the items that you want to complete.

The Prepared Moms Action Pack is a digital product meaning it’ll be instantly downloaded to your computer, phone, or tablet (almost) immediately after your purchase.

Due to its digital nature, refunds are not available although I’m confident you won’t need one and you’ll be recommending this product to all of your pregnant friends.

Let’s be honest, you’ll never feel completely prepared for a baby. But because I’m positive this is the most comprehensive product available that provides you with a step-by-step system of preparing for your baby, I’m 100% sure you’ll know exactly what to do during each trimester of pregnancy.

Hey there! I'm LaCresha!

When I was pregnant I wanted to make sure I had everything perfect for my daughters arrival. But there was a problem…

I had no idea what I needed and what I needed to do. 

Everyone was telling me how I didn’t need this or didn’t need that, but being a first time mom (who’s also a perfectionist) I would rather be over prepared than under prepared.

Which is why I created the Prepared Moms Action Pack. If you want someone to lay out exactly what you should do each trimester and the baby products that made my life much easier as a mom then this is the product for you!

LaCresha during pregnancy

Press the easy button and stop wasting your time doing the wrong things.

Invest in yourself (and your sanity) by grabbing the Prepared Moms Action Pack for only $21 $12!