9 practical gifts for busy moms that will simplify her life

9 practical gifts for busy moms; woman at spa

These practical gifts for busy moms are useful and trendy. Whether she’s a working mom, stay at home mom, or work from home mom she’ll find these gifts thoughtful and meaningful.

9 practical gifts for busy moms; woman at spa

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Most days the mom in your life is flat out exhausted. But she can’t stop or even slow down because she has people depending on her. 

Wouldn’t you love to make her life easier? 

These practical gifts for busy moms are perfect for helping her:

  • Get dinner on the table without debate or frustration.
  • Make time for herself without worrying about the messy house she’ll return to. 
  • Listen to plenty of books even though she doesn’t have a spare second to sit down and read.

You already know she has a lot on her plate and much of what she does goes without a “thank you” or any type of acknowledgment. 

If you’re ready to give her a break with a gift she’ll actually use, this list is exactly what you need. 

1. Echo Dot

You see her scrolling through her phone trying to make sure her schedule includes all of the extracurricular activities she chauffeurs. 

Or she’s trying to get the kids ready but she has to stop what she’s doing and run around the house looking for her phone because she has no idea if it’s supposed to rain or feel like the fiery pits of hell. 

A simple solution for both of these problems…Alexa. 

The Echo Dot is a smart speaker with Alexa (who’s like a personal assistant) built in. This means she can ask Alexa to set calendar events or reminders so she won’t have to stop wrestling with her toddler to get his shoes on. 

Or she can have Alexa adjust the thermostat so she won’t risk waking up the baby once she’s finally fallen asleep. 

This small and compact smart speaker will be a game-changer when it comes to simplifying her life. 

2. House cleaning 

She spends all day deep cleaning the house just to have it look like a high school football team had a celebratory party after 3.7 minutes of her sitting down. 

It’s a never-ending cycle. 

One way to save her plenty of time and make her life easier is to gift her with a gift card for a cleaning service. 

This will help her not worry about cleaning so much and free up time for her to enjoy a family outing followed by a nice dinner which is what she’d rather be doing than scrubbing baseboards.

Either shop around locally to find a maid or grab her a gift card here so she can schedule her own cleaning service

3. My FreezEasy

While she’s sitting at the red light on her way home from work the only thing she’s thinking about is “should I stop and grab some food or cook the food that’s already at home?” 

She wants to save money by eating at home but she also wants to save what little energy she has by grabbing something that’s already prepared. 

My FreezEasy is the best of both worlds. 

With this convenient freezer meal planning system, she’ll be able to prepare 10 meals in 1 hour so she’s not worrying about what’s for dinner every night or ordering a pizza on a Thursday night even though she just went grocery shopping yesterday. 

The process is super simple and there’s a few walk-through videos on the website. Here’s a quick overview of how My FreezEasy works…

  • Choose your recipes 
  • Choose your serving size
  • Get your printable shopping lists and instructions 
  • Prep the meals
  • Freeze them (you also get labels)
  • Cook when you’re ready!  

This is a subscription service so you can decide if you want to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. 

4. Spa day

When you see her trying to massage her own neck because she’s stressed to the max, that’s a clear sign she needs a spa day. 

Book her an appointment at a local day spa so she can get a massage, facial, mani, pedi, or whatever would help her release the tension and feel pampered and loved. 

This time alone is crucial for her to recharge her battery and be a calmer mom

You may have to almost force her to go and spend this time alone since she may have some mom guilt associated with doing anything for herself. But remind her that her happiness does benefit the family more than she knows. 

5. Water bottle

A designated water bottle will help her stay healthy and hydrated. Healthline states some of the many benefits of drinking water throughout the day include: 

  • Increased physical performance 
  • Higher energy levels and brain function (less mom brain)
  • Prevent and treat migraines
  • Relieves constipation
  • Help with weight loss

This water bottle has measurements that will help her keep track of how much water she’s drinking throughout the day. It also has motivational sayings so she can keep pushing herself to drink more. 

6. Coffee maker

A way to simplify the life of a busy mom is for her to automate as much as possible. The less she has to remember the better. 

This coffee maker will automatically start in the morning so she can grab her purse and head out the door with freshly brewed coffee in hand. 

She’ll also enjoy this Yeti tumbler to keep her coffee nice and warm until she’s able to find time to drink it. 

7. Essential oil diffuser

Once her house is nice and clean (thanks to the cleaning service you found), she can kick her feet up and binge watch Netflix with the scent of lavender surrounding her. 

This essential oil diffuser lights up 7 different colors and you can add this gift set of essential oils to get her started if she doesn’t have any. 

She can easily erase the smell of baby poop or teenage feet without getting smoke inhalation from lighting 6 candles. 

8. Instant Pot

No more stopping to grab food on a busy Monday evening thanks to the Instant Pot. She can have dinner cooked in less than 20 minutes while she puts away the laundry. 

This Instant Pot cooks dinner quickly and she won’t have to spend the rest of the evening cleaning 7 different pots and pans. 

It also has a lid that automatically seals making it safe and worry-free. 

9. Audible

Every time she snuggles up on the couch with her snacks and a good book she hears “mommy I need one more drink.”

She needs a way to enjoy a juicy storyline without having to sit down.

That’s where Audible comes in.

With Audible, she can listen to audiobooks while washing the dishes, putting away the laundry, or cleaning the mystery spill in her toddler’s room. 

She can finally listen to plenty of books without finding time to sit down and read or stay up after everyone has gone to bed.

Quick recap…

This list of practical gifts for busy moms will help you simplify her life by helping her:

  • Get dinner on the table without debate or frustration.
  • Make time for herself without worrying about the messy house she’ll return to. 
  • Listen to plenty of books even though she doesn’t have a spare second to sit down and read.

Give her a break with a gift she’ll actually use and feel appreciated. 

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