More than mom planner

more than mom planner

No longer feel guilty about spending your Saturday at Target even though your laundry pile is taller than you.

You love being a mom but you feel like you've lost yourself along the way.

You're starting to feel like...

All you do is cook, clean, and stress about how much sleep you’re not going to get tonight. You have no idea what your dreams and passions are anymore. At the end of the day you have nothing that’s just for YOU. And when you finally make time for yourself, you have mom guilt for not devoting that time to your family.

But here's the thing — it's time to STOP feeling guilty for focusing on yourself.

Maybe you know the feeling...


Like you don't know who you are anymore since becoming a mom and you desperately want to find something that brings you joy.


No matter how much you clean the house is always a mess and you feel major mom guilt for needing a 30 second break.


If you left would anybody even notice? You do so much to keep your home running smoothly and everyone happy but you feel like no one cares about your happiness.

Is this your new reality?

Maybe the way things are right now are how they’ll be forever. You’ll always be in this constant cycle of cleaning for it to be dirty again in 3 seconds. Or feeling guilty every time you leave the room crying because you’ve finally broken.

The truth is that the 4 biggest mistakes moms make are...

more than mom planner notebook


Prioritizing everyone else’s needs before their own and trying to fill everyone’s cup when theirs is empty. 


Putting too much pressure on themselves to be supermom and live up to this impossible standard.


Thinking that needing a break or doing anything for themselves makes them a bad mom.


Being made to believe that practicing self-care makes them selfish.

INTRODUCING the more than mom planner!

more than mom planner

No longer feel guilty about spending your Saturday at Target even though your laundry pile is taller than you.

TAKE A peek INSIDe...

Goal setting

Set your monthly goals and plan the steps you'll need to take to get them accomplished.


Plan your to-do list for the week and each day so you'll be prepared in advance.


Plan and track your workouts so you can remain consistent to see better results faster.


Track your habits, self-care, and weight loss so that you can start feeling good about yourself.


Plan your meals for the week, organize your grocery list, and keep up with your recipes.


Practice gratitude and reflect on the events of each day so you can make improvements.

Imagine a world where...

You’re excited to get up in the morning because you’re in control of your emotions and you’re no longer yelling and instantly feeling bad about it. You finally have something to look forward to doing because you’ve been making time to figure out who you are and what you like to do.

Who doesn't love a bonus?

positive affirmations coloring book

BONUS #1: Positive Affirmations Flower Coloring Book (VALUED AT $5)

This coloring book is full of positive affirmations such as “I am more than enough” so you can increase your self-esteem and have a better outlook on life.

BONUS #2: The Ultimate Productivity Workbook (VALUED AT $5)

This workbook takes you on a deep dive to figure out what productivity means to you and ways to manage your time better. 


The key to being consistent with using your planner is to remember how you’re feeling right now. 

You’re ready to make time for yourself. You’re ready to stop putting your own needs on the back burner. You’re ready to find out who you really are. 

That’s what will encourage you to use this planner faithfully. 

The reason you need the More Than Mom planner is because you are busy.

Which is why the weekly and daily planner sections are at the front so you can schedule your time and stop being busy. 

Use the to-do list sections so you’ll know what tasks to complete each day and when those tasks are done don’t add anymore. Enjoy that time to do whatever you’d like. 

The More Than Mom planner is different because it’s not only focused on time management. 

It also emphasizes self-care and helping you find your own identity outside of being a mom. 

This is a digital product meaning it’ll be downloaded to your electronic device immediately after purchase. 

The calendar in this planner is undated so you can fill it in and print it off every month.

The More Than Mom planner is a 40-page printable planner that also includes a 30+ page positive affirmations coloring book and a productivity workbook. 

All sales are final although I’m confident you’ll be happy with your purchase. 

If you have any questions, please email me at BEFORE making your purchase. 

What others are saying...

I love that this planner helps me focus on myself and doing things to improve my life and health which benefits my family as well.
Ashley W.
When I became a mom my life was consumed with all things baby. Taking a shower was even a struggle. Now I can plan time for myself every single day.
Christie L.
Being a mom can get overwhelming. When I started using this planner I felt like I had more control over how I spent my time.
Julie W.

Hey there! I'm LaCresha!

I know what it’s like to have those moments when you can’t figure out your username and password so you can pay the electric bill really quick while dinner is cooking.

Meanwhile your toddler is pounding the bottom of a pot with a block and you can’t even think straight. You’ve asked your toddler several times to stop banging the pot and now you smell burning popcorn…which is odd since you’re not making popcorn. 

The rice is burning! You still can’t log into your account, your toddler is banging the pot even louder, and now you’ve burned dinner…

If you’re ready to stop flipping out when things like this happens the More Than Mom planner was created for you!

Are you ready to take control of your time and happiness?

Don’t wait another second to start prioritizing your happiness. Your sanity and your family depends on it.