Mom Morning Routine Checklist: How to Simplify Your Day

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This mom morning routine checklist will help you boost productivity and focus while also carving out time for yourself before chaos ensues.

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Ever find yourself juggling a dozen tasks before the clock hits noon? 

If mornings feel like a chaotic blend of school rush, breakfast battles, and lost keys, you’re not alone. 

Today we’re diving into the ultimate mom morning routine checklist. 97% of people have a morning routine according to The Harvard Business Review and maybe you should you too!

Say goodbye to the morning madness and hello to a more organized, productive day.  

Routine vs Schedule 

Before we start I want to specify that I follow a morning routine, not a schedule. What’s the difference?

Routines are task based. I do the same tasks in the same order no matter what time it is.

Example: Wake up, brush my teeth, take a shower, and get dressed for the day.

That’s a routine or series of tasks that could happen at 6:30am or 8am. The time is irrelevant.

Schedules are time based. That means you do a certain task at a specific time.

Example: wake up at 6:30am, cook breakfast at 7am, work out at 8am.

Each task has its own time slot.

I prefer to use routines instead of schedules. I don’t feel like I’m “behind” and I’m not constantly watching the clock.


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    My morning routine 

    This is my typical morning routine that I do 7 days a week. I noticed that when I sleep in I’m more tired so I follow this routine consistently 7 days a week. 

    Wake up

    I wake up around 5am every morning, weekends included. I don’t use an alarm clock, that’s just what time my body naturally wakes up.

    Online business 

    I stay in bed and write blog posts on my phone or brainstorm product ideas for my digital product shop until around 6am. I usually hide under the blankets so my phone light doesn’t wake up the baby.

    When I get out of bed I grab my laptop and work from the couch. I continue working until about 7am.

    Quality time 

    My husband wakes up between 6:30-7am. When he gets out of bed he comes to the couch and we watch a show on Netflix until the kids wake up.

    Mom life begins 

    The kids wake up around 8am and we all lie on the couch while Good Morning America plays in the background. 

    We eat cereal and change diapers or use the potty. The kids are 5 years old and 2 years old. 


    I work out around 9:30am. My husband goes outside and walks around the cul-de-sac while I work out inside.

    I find a workout on YouTube (I love Grow With Jo) or I use my Peloton app.

    I play music and the kids dance and play while I’m working out. Sometimes I get them 2 pound dumbbells and they will stop playing to work out with me.

    The key to working out while the kids are awake is to get them whatever they could need before the workout starts. And then I also make it fun by playing music on the Bluetooth speaker.

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    Get dressed 

    Once I’m finished working out I grab some toys and the kids go in the bathroom while I take a shower.

    I take a quick shower and get dressed for the day, which is usually yoga pants and a t-shirt.

    My husband usually goes to the grocery store right after his walk so one of us can cook lunch around noon.


    Once I’m dressed we go to the kitchen table and homeschool. We’re using The Good and The Beautiful kindergarten math curriculum and language arts curriculum.

    We do one lesson from each curriculum per day, usually 3-5 days a week.

    My 2 year old either eats Cheerios in her high chair or I give her some crayons and construction paper to keep her busy.

    I try to keep her nearby not only so I can watch her but also because she enjoys saying letter sounds and watching her big sister do the learning activities.


    By the time we finish homeschooling, my husband is back from the grocery store and one of us will cook lunch.

    By this time it’s about 11am. 

    We all sit down at the table to eat and then we relax until my 2 year old takes her nap around 12:30 or 1pm.

    Even though we don’t have a strict schedule, our day is structured and we do the same tasks almost every day.

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      Why do you need a morning routine? 

      Before I started my morning routine, I would wake up with the kids and feel stressed and anxious throughout the day. I didn’t have any time to myself and I wouldn’t be as patient with them because I was overwhelmed. 

      Here’s why a morning routine is so crucial:

      Kickstarts Your Energy

      The way you start your morning sets the tone for your mood and overall well-being throughout the day. By starting your day on a positive note, you’ll have a more enjoyable and productive day.

      Boosts Productivity and Focus

      A morning routine helps you prioritize tasks, so you can tackle them with focus and efficiency. Crossing things off your to-do list feels pretty amazing!

      Me Time

      Even if it’s just a few minutes, a morning routine gives you a little “me time.” Whether it’s enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a chapter of a book, or simply taking deep breaths, this time is all about you. And you deserve it!

      Reduces Stress

      When you have a plan in the morning, it reduces the rush and chaos. You’re less likely to forget things or feel overwhelmed. It’s like having a mini roadmap for a smoother start to your day.

      Better Focus on Family

      When you’re organized and calm, it’s easier to handle family responsibilities. A morning routine allows you to be present with your loved ones, whether it’s helping with breakfast or sending them off to school with a smile.

      Improved Health

      A good morning routine often includes healthy habits like exercise or a nutritious breakfast. Over time, these small changes add up and contribute to your overall well-being.

      It’s not about adding more to your plate, it’s about finding simple ways to make your mornings work for you.

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      How do you make your morning routine?

      Now that you know why morning routines are important and you’ve gotten a glimpse into my morning routine it’s time to create your own. 

      Here’s the simple roadmap:

      1. Identify Your Priorities

      What matters most to YOU in the morning? This is where I see so many moms mess up. They see another mom’s morning routine on YouTube and try to recreate that. 

      Your morning routine is personal. 

      You have to decide what’s most important to you or else you won’t stay consistent. Whether it’s a moment of peace, exercise, or a good cup of coffee, know what you want to focus on.

      2. Plan Your Day

      To have a great morning routine that prepares you for the day you have to know what the day entails. Take a moment to plan out a few tasks that you want to accomplish and work backward from there. 

      “Begin with the end in mind” is the second habit of Dr. Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

      This means beginning each day with a clear vision so you can be proactive and prepared instead of reactive.

      3. Involve the Kids

      As a stay at home mom, I know that I won’t get much done if I’m not planning around my kids’ routines. 

      It’s important to find ways to include them in the routine or at least know how to keep them entertained while you get stuff done. 

      This is when Mommy & Me Preschool comes in handy. It has over 20 weeks of fun and educational activities that will not only keep them entertained, but it will also prepare them for kindergarten whether they go to school or they’re homeschooled. 

      4. Set a Wake-Up Time

      Even though you don’t have to follow a schedule, it’s still a good idea to have an estimate of what time you want to wake up. 

      I know that my kids wake up around 8am so that helps me know when I need to wake up if I want to accomplish certain tasks. 

      Pick a wake-up time that feels doable. Even 10 or 15 minutes earlier can work wonders. Gradual changes are your secret weapon.

      5. Prepare the Night Before

      Anything you can do the night before to ease the morning rush is a game-changer. Lay out clothes, meal prep breakfast, or pack bags so you can have less morning chaos. 

      Make sure you know where everything is so you’re not rushing around and starting the day feeling overwhelmed.

      This is YOUR routine designed to make YOUR mornings better. Remove the pressure of trying to do things perfectly. Keep it simple and be kind to yourself.

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      Grab your FREE morning routine checklist to add structure to your day.

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        How to stay consistent with a morning routine 

        Creating your morning routine may be the easy part. The real problem may be staying consistent with your morning routine. 

        Here’s how you’re going to make your morning routine work for you:

        Be Realistic

        Be honest about how much time you realistically have in the morning. Keep it doable so you can stick with it. You don’t have to get it all done, it’s better to get the most important tasks done.

        Decide to Stay Consistent

        Here’s a truth bomb, if you want your life to be different you have to take different actions. You can’t expect your life to change if you’re not doing anything to change it. 

        Each morning you have to decide to carry out your morning routine. 

        Why is this routine important to you? What happens if you don’t stay consistent? What’s at risk? Your relationship with your kids? Your health? 

        You have to decide to make the changes so you can see the results. 

        Prioritize Self-Care

        Make sure your routine includes a little something for YOU. It could be a quick stretch, a moment of quiet, or enjoying your favorite beverage. 

        If there’s no reward in your routine it’ll be harder for you to stick to it.

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        Life happens, especially with little ones. Keep your routine flexible so you can adapt when unexpected things pop up.

        There are days when one of my kids decides to wake up at 6am. Instead of getting frustrated and not doing anything in my routine, I adapt and figure out how I can still get things done even though she’s awake. 

        Instead of looking at things like a problem, you have to become a problem solver and figure out how you can find a solution to the problem.

        Start Small

        Don’t overwhelm yourself with a laundry list of tasks. Begin with one or two things that you can easily incorporate into your morning.

        If your morning routine feels like a job it’ll be harder to do it. Let your morning routine be easy and enjoyable.


        When I see people give up on their morning routine it’s typically because they feel like they’re failing or they’re “doing it wrong”. 

        Your routine doesn’t have to be set in stone. 

        Feel free to experiment and adjust until you find what works best for you and your family. Put on your scientist hat and try different things. 

        Consistency Matters

        Although it’s important to stay consistent with your routine so it becomes a natural part of your day, don’t stress if you miss a day. 

        Consistency over time is what makes a routine a habit.

        If you miss a day or 5, just start again. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. 

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        Grab your FREE morning routine checklist to add structure to your day.

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          Quick recap…

          Mornings matter and your routine is your secret sauce. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making progress.

          And always remember why you want a morning routine. That’s going to help you stay consistent when you feel like giving up.

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