9 Time-Saving Laundry Hacks For When You’re Overwhelmed

basket of laundry

These brilliant time saving laundry hacks will help you create a realistic laundry routine that eliminates overwhelm. 

basket of laundry

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That pile of laundry is staring at you like a dog ready for a walk. 

You don’t have the energy or motivation to get it done today so you close the door and ignore it.


Laundry doesn’t have to make you put your head in a pillow and scream.

Those days are long gone with these 9 simple tips that will keep you ahead of the laundry race. 

1. Designated laundry day

This method is effective if you’re always running around and barely have any time to clean. 

Set aside one day that laundry will be the priority. 

Do the whole laundry process including folding and putting the clothes away. 

This will help so you don’t have everything washed and now you have a huge pile of clean clothes that need to be put away (which is also an exhausting process). 

If you set aside one day for laundry, you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week. 

2. Keep clothes sorted

Instead of having all of the clothes in one big pile or scattered around the house, try keeping them sorted to make the laundry process faster. 

You could use this rolling laundry sorter to make it simpler and quicker.

This method will make it a breeze to throw a basket of laundry in the washer as soon as you notice it’s getting full. 

3. One task a day 

Sometimes it’s not possible or too overwhelming to do the entire laundry process in one day. 

With this method, you can throw the clothes in the washer one day, dry them the next day, and put them away the day after that.

I unintentionally do this all the time because I get busy and forget about the laundry. 

Our clothes still smell great and if anything is wrinkled we throw it in the dryer on the wrinkle release setting for a minute or two. 

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4. Daily laundry 

If you have a big family, this may be the method that works best for you. 

Each day do one load of laundry and put those clothes away. 

This will help prevent the laundry hill from turning into a laundry mountain. 

You may even find that you’re staying caught up and don’t need to do laundry every single day. 

5. Use mesh bags

I’m sure you’ve experienced your socks being sent to a secret universe somewhere between the washer and dryer. 

To help with that issue these mesh bags will keep them safe and secure. 

Instead of throwing your undergarments in the pile of laundry to get lost, put them in a mesh bag. 

Whenever it’s time to do the laundry, throw the entire mesh bag in the washer and dryer. 

Everything will be easy to find and put away. 

6. Make a lint bin

This cute lint bin speeds up the drying process by collecting the lint instead of you taking it to the trash can each time. 

Place it on the wall by your dryer and collect all the lint and empty it when it gets full. 

This will easily save a few precious seconds or minutes. 

7. Unnecessary washing

I’m guilty of washing clothes that aren’t even dirty. I’ll throw on a comfy pair of sweatpants, wear them for an hour, and throw them in the dirty clothes basket. 

Your kids may do this all the time as well. 

If the clothes aren’t dirty there’s no need to wash them. 

I can remember my mom telling me this when I was younger and I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing when my daughter gets older. 

Unless the clothes are visibly dirty or smell bad they may not need to be washed just yet. 

8. Skip folding 

I haven’t folded any clothes in years! I use these bins to store all of our undergarments and everything else gets hung in the closet. 

It’s so fast and simple. 

Grab a handful of hangers and hang everything straight out of the dryer and empty the mesh bags right into the appropriate bin. 

9. Sock matchmaker 

This super cute lost sock sign is handy for when you have a sock that’s single and ready to mingle.

Whenever you’ve put away all of the laundry, gather the lonely socks and put them on the mingle board. 

If someone finds a stray sock lying under their bed they’ll know where to look for its match.

Quick recap…

These simple time-saving laundry hacks will help you defeat overwhelm and tackle that large never-ending pile of clothes.

woman lying head on pile of laundry in basket
time saving laundry hacks for when you're overwhelmed

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