The Best Secrets For Getting Things Done With A Newborn

the best secrets for getting things done with a newborn

Are you struggling to get things done with a newborn baby? Here are the best tips for you to start feeling productive again!

the best secrets for getting things done with a newborn

One of the biggest struggles I had as a new mom was trying to figure out how to get anything done when my daughter wouldn’t let me put her down for even 2 seconds. 

The dishes were piling up, dinner wasn’t getting cooked and I cried every day because I was so overwhelmed and exhausted. 

I would sit on the couch on a beautiful sunny day with tears streaming down my face while I held my daughter. 

I felt like a terrible wife and an even worse mom. 

Eventually, I figured out a few tricks that enabled me to get more done throughout the day.

1. Babywearing

If you don’t have a baby carrier do yourself a favor and get one now! 

It’s completely normal for your baby to want to be held all day (and night). And don’t worry about spoiling your baby that myth has been disproven many times over. 

Using a baby carrier was the only way I got things done without my daughter crying.

I was able to have both hands free to put away the laundry or make dinner which made all the difference. 

I love this baby carrier because it’s easy to put on, comfortable, and I felt like she was snug and wouldn’t fall out.

2. Accept the mess

When I had to decide between holding my baby and cleaning the kitchen I chose my baby every time. 

As moms, we put so much pressure on ourselves to exceed in every aspect of motherhood and when we fall short we have major mom guilt.

When you have a newborn the housework will just have to wait and that’s okay!

3. Do ONE thing during nap time 

When your baby lays down for a nap it’s tempting to try to finish your entire to-do list in a 30-minute time frame. 

That only leads to even more frustration.

Try focusing on completing ONE task during nap time. You’ll work more efficiently and get more done.

Mom tip: Set a timer and challenge yourself to see how much you can get done during nap time! Focus on ONE task at a time until it’s completed then move to the next task.

4. Do small tasks

To keep clutter under control try doing small tasks throughout the day.

This could be putting your dishes in the dishwasher after each meal or starting a load of laundry each morning. 

By breaking your big tasks into bite-sized pieces you’ll get more done without even realizing it.

5. Ask for help 

As moms, we feel like we need to “do it all.”

Asking for help isn’t a sign of failure. It means you’re strong and smart enough to realize that “doing it all” is impossible. 

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to be like the perfect moms in the movies.

6. Feed baby first 

Before you can get anything done you have to make sure your baby is content. 

That means a full tummy and a clean diaper is a necessity before you attempt to clean the kitchen or take a shower.

7. Create a routine

Having routines throughout the day are great because you and your baby will learn what to expect.

Start working on establishing a bedtime routine as early as possible so your little one will start learning that a bath means it’s time for bed. 

The older your baby gets you’ll both appreciate these mini routines.

8. Have safe places for baby

After you’ve gotten your baby content, having a safe place to sit them while you complete your task is essential. 

Safe places include a:

Anywhere that you can keep a close eye on your baby and still do what you’re trying to get done.

9. Streamline tasks

Using services like grocery pickup is a lifesaver! 

You simply order your groceries online and the employee puts them in the trunk for you. That’s it! 

You could also use Amazon Family to have common household items automatically delivered to your house.

Mom tip: To get $10 off your first Walmart grocery pickup order CLICK HERE.

10. Cook simple meals

If you don’t have the energy nor time to cook it becomes a hassle. 

Keeping meals simple and quick will make cooking less of a chore. 

Meal planning is also a great option to save you even more time!

Mom tip: Cook your meals for the week in advance if you have someone to watch the baby.

Famous last words…

Newborns require a lot of time and attention so don’t be too hard on yourself for not getting the housework done or not taking a shower in 3 days.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to also take care of yourself

If you get a break and you haven’t taken a shower and the dishes are overflowing the sink, choose the shower. 

Trust me, the dishes will still be there when you get back unless you have an amazing support person. 

You’ll get it all figured out and learn how to balance life with a newborn.

the best secrets for getting things done with a newborn

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